​Siding Available: Vinyl • Steel •  James Hardie • LP Smart Side •  Cedar 


Improve your home’s curb appeal, and increase your home’s value by investing in energy saving home improvements. 

We only offer the best Quality Siding available.  

We have several options to choose from and will help you find the right siding for your home.

The elegance of wood lap siding in a low-maintenance vinyl siding panel that provides outstanding design, performance and beauty.  Beauty and endurance, coupled with strength and dependability with up to 240 mile wind ratings. Vinyl siding is made with different profiles and thickness. Thin siding panels are subjected to wind and hail damage. Thin siding panels can easily be damaged during lawn and yard maintenance or children playing.

We use only the thickest vinyl siding panels available so you can have siding that will last for the lifetime of your home.

​Insulation is very important when residing a home.  It is an opportunity to create a wall system that is more resistant to water and air infiltration. We can add an R3 and higher insulation value to your home by installing quality insulation with a vapor barrier. See a R-value chart below.

Insulation Provides:

  • ​A level surface on which to install new siding for a smooth, even wall
  • Helps block water that gets behind the new siding
  • Helps reduce or eliminate drafts.
  • Helps maintain the existing R-Value of wall insulation.



· Save on heating bills

· Noise Reduction

· Financing Available

· Lifetime Warranties

· Improve Value and Beauty of Home

· Low Maintenance

· Professional and experienced installation


Here are some basic R-Values listed below. Sizes are in inches and keep in mind that adding 3'' of insulation can be difficult.

Foam Board Thickness          R-Value(2) 
        .75                                  3.8 2 
         1.0                                  5.0 2  
         1.5                                  7.5 2  
         2.0                                  10.0 2
         2.5                                  12.5 2
       3.0                                  15 2 


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